Metal Surface Protection
Need temporary surface protection for stainless steel, aluminum, or chrome? Or, a protective film for CARC, powder coated or painted metal surfaces? If so, you have come to the right place.
Plastic Surface Protection
Surface Armor protects acrylics, PET, polycarbonate and coated plastics. From manufacturing through installation Surface Armor helps guard against costly replacement, repairs or re-finishing.
Glass Surface Protection
Need a temporary protective film for LCD displays, coated optics, or interior glass? Or, for exterior curtain wall or window protection for 6 months or a year? If so, you have just found a solution.
Laminate Surface Protection
High pressure laminates can be protected during manufacturing processes, as well as during shipping, handling and installation. Contact us for FREE samples.
General Surface Protection
Temporary surface protection films are readily available for just about any surface material. Films are in stock for carpeting, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, MDF and more.

Protective films and tapes. Without all the red tape.

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First, Surface Armor stocks a wide array of the highest quality surface protection films and tapes for a huge variety of surface applications, from metal to woods, plastics to laminates.

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