W 82C1M

medium duty, powered applicator.  Widths 4.0″ – 62.0″

W 805

heavy duty, powered applicator.  Widths 72.0″ – 88.0″

W 810 / 812

extra-heavy duty, powered applicator.  Widths 52.0″ – 160.0″

(with or without automatic release liner removal)

Walco 830 - INLINE

non-powered, heavy duty laminator.  Widths 14.0″ – 160.0″

Laminators Provide the Crowning Touch

Applying temporary surface protection films to large surface areas can be accomplished using a variety of manual techniques. Yet, to obtain professional-looking, bubble & wrinkle free laydown, a laminator is typically required. In high volume production operations a laminator is a guaranteed money saver.

Surface Armor offers a full range of standard and custom laminators to meet the needs of your application, which are perfect for applying permanent or protective films, laminates & masking to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, glass, plastic, wood, and virtually any other clean, dry flat surface.

whether that be light to medium duty or high volume heavy duty devices for 24 x 7 utilization.

Do I need a laminator? What does a laminator do for surface protection films?

The simplest of laminators is comprised of very few components.

  • A shaft that holds the supply of film to be laminated onto a surface
  • A pair of nip rollers through which the laminate and the target surface travel thru
  • A frame to hold everything in place and in alignment
  • and a motor or hand crank used to drive the nip rollers

A few accessories might include:

  • A feed table at the front of the machine
  • A take-up table at the exit of the machine
  • A conveyor feeding the machine
  • A conveyor to transport finished materials from the machine
  • Side trimmers to remove excess laminate
  • A knife or cutter to separate finished pieces exiting the laminator

The primary advantages of a laminating machine vs. performing the task by hand are:

  • Good alignment of the laminate to the substrate … not hanging over the edges, not at an angle to the material
  • Few, if any, air bubbles that can cause ghosting of the surface … the nip rollers let air escape from under the film as it is applied
  • Few, if any, wrinkles that can allow contaminants to seep under the protective film
  • Consistent overall pressure which creates optimum adhesion of the PSA film to the surface
  • Much higher production speeds than manual application can achieve
  • A clean professional looking finish that complements the appearance of the underlying product.