Any of our temporary films can be perforated so that they tear easily, just like paper towels. Get the exact sized sheets you require.

  • Perforate in intervals ranging from 3” to as long as you need!
  • Choice of an easy-tear or a standard-tear perforation
  • Ability to perforate up to a 72” wide roll
  • Typically a 72 hour turnaround time, or less on smaller orders!

Die Cutting

If your surface is not rectangular you may be interested in die cutting. If you have many parts that need to be protected with a precisely shaped piece of film, this is your answer!

With die cutting the possibilities are endless! From phone screens to industrial machinery, no project is too small, or large!

We offer several different processes, tailored to fit your needs. Precision, quality and fast turnaround speed are at your disposal!

For more information give us a call or simply fill out our Request A Quote form!