Metal Surface Films

Metallic surfaces are not immune to damage and wear, especially during the fabrication and finishing processes. Metal surfaces can be marred by chatter marks, scratches or swirls, or contaminated by overspray, solvents, dust and the like. Potential hazards to your metal surfaces arise during:

  • Machining
  • Casting
  • Polishing
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Stamping
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Folding
  • Punching

Damage to the metal surface at any step can be costly, putting pressure on both your timeline and your bottom line. You can prevent any such damage from occurring with Surface Armor metal protection film. Our protective films provide a temporary barrier that can absorb scratches or scrapes and block any liquid or solid contaminants. The thin, disposable film can then be quickly peeled off upon delivery to the next stage of manufacturing, or to the end customers themselves. We carry Protective Films to cover almost any type of Uncoated or Powder Coated Metal even Kynar-Duranar finishes, all delivered to you in the size and shape that will best suit your needs. Protect your Metal Extrusions, Architectural Framing Systems or Metal Building Panels with our 365 Day UV Rated Low Tack High Performance Protective Films.

Types of Metal Protection Films

Adhesive Type – This is the product identification number of the adhesive

Tack – Measured in ounces per lateral inch, this defines the level of “stickiness” of a particular adhesive. Because there are many variables at play, the tack level of most adhesives will be expressed as a range of values rather than a single, specific measurement.
Material – This identifies the product substrate, itself (type of plastic / paper).

This table is designed to assist you in selecting which Surface Armor products you might want to evaluate for your specific application. As there are many variables involved in the relationship between a protective film and the surface it is applied to, it is usually a good idea to test two or more samples on your specific surface(s) in all phases of the intended surface protection life cycle. This guide can serve as a starting point when requesting samples.
Along the left side of the table you will find various Surface Armor tapes and films listed by their adhesive type, tack level and the material these products are made from.
The top of the table lists the various surfaces to be protected, grouped by classification.


Give us a call (or email) to discuss various film options, adhesive characteristics, and how they might apply to your specific application.